Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#039 v1, v2, v3 / Belgian Wit, Belle Saison, 1056 + Belle Saison

#039 Belgian Wit, Belle Saison, 1056 + Belle Saison

Considering I had over spiced my previous batches, I assumed the characteristics would still exist in the yeast cakes. I planned to get something nice out of this yeast, and that's what I did. The Belle Saison might have been my favorite of the 3 batches. I added some ginger tincture to the wit this time around but wasn't completely satisfied with the results.

The Belle Saison+1056 ended up pretty tasty with an off-the-cuff attempt at a margarita beer.
-lime (juice and pulp, freshly squeezed)

I really enjoyed it and took this to pour at the Parkville Microfest under the KCBM as SOBs (South of the Borders Saison).

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