Thursday, August 15, 2013

#021.1 Brown Ale Portion

#021 Oud Bruin Brew

Barrel Bruin @ 5 gallons

8 lb 2 Row
1 lb Melanoiden
12 oz Special B
8 oz Chocolate Malt

1 oz Willamette @ 60min
8 oz Maltodextrine @ 10min

75% efficiency
target gravity 1.055
target ABV 6.5%
target SRM 24
target IBU 20

Here's the Barrel Bruin recipe. If anyone has objections, say something. I calculated this for 5 gallons, all grain, at 75% efficiency. Roughly the same as the other recipes which have turned out OK.

I left the yeast off, I'll leave that up to you guys, just pick something Belgian, trappist/abbey if you can. I think that'll lay a good base.

Do take note of the specialty grains even if you're doing extract, it'll help us get enough unfermentables for the bugs, color for the bruin and body etc...

#020 It's Wabbit Saison

Saison Été