Thursday, September 3, 2009

Session 6 is approaching

Weather permitting, I will be brewing my Imperial Porter again that I failed miserably somehow at hitting my OG the first time around (also my first batch ever). My OG limped to 1.055 instead of breaking through to it's planned 1.099 destination. I have 40 gallons under my belt and my last beer (DIPA) is by far my favorite yet. I was able to hit a 1.086 OG and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the 3lbs of sugar added to the boil. 8) I must add though, I do have a few of the porters stashed away and it has aged very nicely over time and look forward to cracking a bottle open during brew day.

I plan on having a bit of the DIPA available for those that join me during the session, as well as a few other respectable beers. I will need to quickly carbonate some DIPA before the weekend hits and that will be an experiment of it's own. I figure the Oaked version will be had since the dryhops fell to the bottom of the keg when I attempted to recover them last weekend (fishing line was cut at the keg seal). I also noticed that 1 oz of hops in the strainer becomes greatly under utilized and saturated to the point that they become wet and expand so tightly that there is no wort contact with the hops in the center of the screened ball (2" stainless ball strainer).

I believe I could have gotten a much healthier dosage of hop aroma from the amarillo than resulted. Note to self, try a mesh bag next time.

The most I have fit in to the 10 gallon mashtun at this point is 28.49 lbs of grain for a 10 gallon batch of the DIPA. I don't think I can fit much more considering I have to add water to that as well. I think a limit of 30lbs is completely maxed out and I love taking things to an extreme so that might be what I have to do. This should yield an 8.5 gallons of the Imperial Porter and we can hope for the best by not overflowing. I hope to resolve this issues by converting one of the keggles to a Mashtun and set up a RIMS or HERMS system. I have exhausted my budget for supplies this year and will have to wait until 2010 for this upgrade; as well as a Mill Grain. If anyone out there has any experience with PIDS or Heatstick construction drop me a line, I may need some assistance.

So for now, put your shoes back on and stop dancing for rain this weekend, I need to brew.

in lbs
2 row 23.3
Carapils 0.8
Black Patent 0.4
Crystal 60 1.7
Munich 1.7
Pale Chocolate 1.3
Honey Malt 0.8
Total 29.988

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