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2015 Kansas City Bier Meister Competition Recipe - Raspberry Stout

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Hello Jeremiah....

Thanks for your comments on my Raspberry Stout during last months competition... you indicated on the score sheet that you'd like the recipe.... here's how I made it, you may have to adapt for your system..

Hope it turns out for you..!


5 gallon batch
OG - 1.066
FG - 1.018

10 lb Maris Otter
0.75 lb Chocolate Wheat Malt
0.75 lb Caramel 80L
0.5 lb Black Patent

Strike - 4 gallons distilled water + 1 tsp calcium chloride heated to 172F
Dough in and rest at 155F for 60 minutes
Vorlauft until clear
Fly Sparge with 2 gallons distilled water heated to 175F
Collect ~4.5 gallons runnings

Boil - 60 minute total
  -  1 oz nugget hops - 60 min
  -  1/2 lb lactose - 15 minutes
  -  1 tsp wyeast nutrient - 15 min

Chill to ~65F and transfer to carboy.
Top up to 5 gallons with DI water and shake to aerate
Pitch 1.5 liter starter of London Ale III (Wyeast 1318)

Ferment in swamp cooler at 65F for 14 days

Rack to secondary and add:
  -  4 oz Cacao Nibs (the ones I used were from Ghana)
  -  2 oz Watkins Raspberry Extract (Walmart)

Swirl once a day for 7 days
Add gelatine (1pk Knox dissolved in 1 cup boiling water) to clarify (~3 days)
Transfer to keg, chill and force-carbonate to taste.

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